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Lost Kitchen

Key West's most reclusive location

A little about the Lost Kitchen Supper Club

The Lost Kitchen Supper Club is a social club with a traditional dining experience. Savor an exquisite meal among old friends — and as you break bread making new friends in a reinvented style of dining.


Wisconsonian Lawrence Frank established the first supper club in Beverly Hills, California in the 1930s. This and others of the time eventually gained notoriety as Prohibition Roadhouses. This made Supper Clubs a destination where patrons would spend the evening. From cocktail hour, dinner, and night club style entertainment after dinner, they featuring a relaxed and exclusive atmosphere. Lost Kitchen Supper Club strives to follow this concept and tradition.


The Lost Kitchen Supper Club will feature unique menus inspired by by the local seasonal seafood, hunting seasons, boutique farms, and collaborating chefs. And, they will be themed to their location. This is going to be the highlight of the event. Specialty wines, liquors, and craft beers will always be included with our dinners. You are always welcome to bring a special bottle that you would love to share with friends — old and new.


The Lost Kitchen Supper Club venue and home base will be the main featured location. Other pop-up locations will also be included. Anywhere from private ocean front homes and sandbars to secret gardens and hidden gems. Many themed locations will be visited.

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